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Photo by Chris Boston

Photo by Chris Boston

“Hiring Joanna to play the harp at our wedding reception during cocktail hour and dinner, was one of the best decisions we ever made! Our guests cannot stop talking about how talented and amazing she is! We first heard Joanna at the Bridal Show and were wow’d by her special talent. We knew that we wanted to add this unique element to our wedding and so we called her to set up a meeting a few months later. From the first meeting, Joanna proved to be caring, kind, attentive, friendly, super talented and provided great song recommendations for what she thought our guests would enjoy. Joanna has 1000s of songs that she can play on the harp and is constantly updating her list with new hits! Joanna learned some of our favourite songs for our wedding day, which added a special and personalized touch. On the wedding day, ourselves and our guests were so excited to hear her play and she sure did impress us all with her energy and enthusiasm! Joanna took the stress out of planning by asking the right questions, helping us to choose songs, calling our venue in advance to discuss timing and setup. We highly recommend Joanna to play at your special event. She is so passionate and truly loves lighting up the world with her music. On a personal level, Joanna is a down to earth, kind-hearted human being. She posed for pictures with our wedding guests. Everyone loved her! Thank you so much for everything Joanna. You are truly wonderful!”

Christina & Ryan  Wedding Client 

Classical Music Joanna jordan Toronto

Brad and Tatiana

Joanna Jordan made our wedding a truly unique and memorable experience.

The music she played on the Electric Harp during our reception and ceremony created a beautiful atmosphere.

Joanna worked with us to select music that we knew would be appreciated by our guests, but she was also very adept at reading the audience and was able to make adjustments to keep the energy just at the right level.

Joanns’s husband Alan is a terrific DJ (DJnLIVE) and had our guests from 10 to 80 years of age dancing non-stop!
Thanks Alan and Joanna!

(a note from Joanna – the photo on the right shows the family that was with us via Skype – all the way in Russia!!!)


Meeting, working and having Joanna be a part of our wedding was truly an amazing experience! My husband and I had been set on an intimate wedding with our closest family and friends at Auberge du Pommier and I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful melody of music and sound in a truly elegant yet intimate atmosphere.

Joanna provided guidance and suggestions for our special day and was a unique and wonderful addition to our wedding day. Planning and discussing the day’s music went with ease and I felt truly comfortable in her selections and she played it out beautifully on our wedding day. Our family and friends were in awe upon hearing the sounds of Coldplay, The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia and of course timeless classics like Pachelbel’s Canon.

Joanna, thank you so much for sharing your talents with us and adding that special relaxed calm ambience with your rich, romantic sound!


Eram and Kain

We had the pleasure of having Joanna Jordan play the Electric Harp during our wedding reception in Toronto.

Joanna was incredibly professional and accommodating (including learning how to play a song very close to our hearts that was not on her initial playlist!)

She truly provided one of the centerpieces of our evening and we would have no hesitation in recommending her to friends and family.

Thanks again Joanna for making our evening even more special than it already was!

Wedding Reviews and Testimonials of Harpist Joanna Jordan
“Working with Joanna was truly the best decision we have made for our wedding and it will be true for anyone fortunate enough to have the honour to work with her as well. From the moment we met Joanna, we both silently knew that she was perfect – should we marry, she was THE perfect artist to perform a soundtrack for the most important moment of our lives and no other.

It was one of those moments when you just know when the time is right and all the stars have aligned… Because on the very next morning, he proposed with a ring and we became officially engaged.

Along the way for the next 9 months, Joanna became a very important friend to us. We could not have imagined our wedding without her – or her wise words and gentle compassion. She genuinely cares about the couples she works with and is so much more than the picturesque emotions she skillfully evokes with her exquisite music.

Words cannot describe how thankful and honoured we are that Joanna could be a part of our special day and she holds our highest recommendation when we say she was truly the best decision we have made together.”
Lots of love,

Audrey & Christopher


” I always wanted a harpist to perform for our ceremony and from the moment I heard Joanna play I knew it had to be her performing for us. And it only took one meeting with her for my fiance to be hooked as well. They hit it off instantly especially because of my husband’s shared love of music.

Every meeting with her was so entertaining and made us more anxious for our big day so that we could share her with our guests.  Because she can play everything and anything it was so difficult to narrow down the song selections.  We knew we wanted a mix of traditional and modern selections for the ceremony and after a few suggestions from Joanna, it was set.

My favourite part was walking down the aisle to her playing “All of Me” by John Legend.  It was beautiful.  Because she was so good we had to have her play throughout cocktail hour and dinner service and we are so glad she did!  Everyone loved her and was amazed at what she could do with her harp and the variety of music that she could play!

I remember looking around at some of our guests while she was playing and they just had these mesmerized looks on their faces, like they couldn’t believe she was playing “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin on a harp! We were so lucky to have had her play at our wedding and definitely feel like she added to the experience of our guests.

She is a lovely person and great to deal with as well. Definitely one of the best choices we made for our wedding!  People are still talking about her!

Thank you for everything, Joanna.  You are amazingly talented!”

Lisa and Alex



“Everyone loved Joanna and her music. It was very professional and special, perfect in every way!

Dear Joanna and Alan, I would like to thank you and let you know how much we appreciated having you be a part of our wedding.

DJnLIVE (with DJ Alan Gollom and Electric harpist Joanna Jordan) made my daughter’s wedding in Toronto even more wonderful than we had hoped.

The music was perfect throughout the evening and I am so grateful of the time and effort you took to make our day extra special.  You were so dependable and professional leading up to, and the day of the wedding.


Rodica, Mother of the Bride (Andreea & Michael) , wedding Ceremony and Reception



HARP & ALTO SAX DUET – – My wife and I had the pleasure of having Toronto harpist Joanna Jordan perform for our wedding ceremony and reception and it was one of the best highlights of our special day, all thanks to this incredible lady! In the context of Christianity, heaven is many times symbolically depicted with angels playing harps in it. Well, not only was the sound created by Joanna’s harp magical, she herself is a genuinely compassionate person who went above and beyond to ensure our wedding day was extra special.

From day one, Joanna was easy going and very helpful in coordinating our wedding. She made herself available for meetings and responded to my multitude of emails to help ensure our special day flowed just perfectly.

But most of all, she allowed me the opportunity to perform an ALTO SAXOPHONE DUET with her for my wife at our reception!! Given I had not played for over 10 years, her encouragement and motivation was greatly appreciated. I can never thank her enough for what she allowed me to accomplish at my wedding – my wife was truly in tears of joy, as I had promised to serenade her from the moment we met, but had not done so yet. Beyond my duet with her, I do not need to comment on her music much, as it is simply incredible – she has an unbelievable talent, capable of playing both classical songs and many modern upbeat pop songs – such as Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, and Coldplay to name a few. She will not disappoint and your guests will truly be amazed and captivated by her unbelievable sound. The harp is a unique instrument and Joanna Jordan is a unique harpist who will make your wedding day memorable! Don’t wait, book her now!!

Anthony and Daniella


“Dear Joanna,

I wanted to take a moment to share with you my thoughts regarding your participation at our wedding. Hiring you to play the harp at our wedding was simply the best decision we made.

Leading up to the “big day” Carita and I talked about many different possibilities for our wedding; with music being one of them of course. We had already hired a DJ however Carita wanted some live music as well. Truth be told, I did not.

Through the wonders of Google search, she started her search and came across several options including “Toronto & GTA Electric Harpist Joanna Jordan.” She then reached out to you and after her initial conversation with you, she was sold!

When we met with youat your office, I knew from the moment I walked in that we had made the right choice too – your decision to be at the harp playing as we entered was a really nice touch; it made us feel very welcomed.

We used multiple vendors for different parts of our wedding, which we were very pleased with. That having been said, guest after guest came up to us that night with positive feedback on you – more than anyone else. Even today when talking about our wedding with those that were there, we still have people specifically commenting on you and the wonderful job you did!


Paul and Carita



Photo by Corina V. Photography

“When the day came when we decided to get married we didn’t realize that we opened Pandora’s box as far as organizing and planning everything for that special day. One thing we knew for sure was that we wanted Joanna Jordan to be part of our Wedding in Toronto. We’ve heard her play the harp at a friend’s wedding in Toronto a little while back and were genuinely impressed with how beautiful that was. When we contacted Joanna she mentioned that she worked with Alan as a DJ (DJnLIVE). And from that moment on there was one less thing for us to worry about as both Alan and Joanna were great with planning the music.

They both really tried to understand us, what backgrounds we came from, what we liked, etc.

They were always available, either in person or over the phone or email to answer questions, no matter how silly they might be. All to make sure that the music choices would match with what we both liked. Alan as the MC made a point of being able to properly pronounce the names of the bride, groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids and parents which wasn’t easy considering they were a mix of Dutch, Italian and Ukrainian names. And the song that Joanna and Alan suggested as our “grand entrance” song – I Think I Wanna Marry You by Bruno Mars, was an unusual, but a great choice that keeps reminding us about our beautiful wedding day every single time we hear it.
Our wedding party consisted of a mix of nationalities and both Joanna and Alan were instrumental in coming up with a beautiful mix of music that fitted every nationality and age group. One could see that they have worked together before as the switch from MC to harp to music went seamless the whole night. Our guests and us had great time dancing at the wedding, and our Ukrainian guests, especially the bride’s mom, were greatly impressed and very touched when they heard Joanna playing a couple of traditional Ukrainian songs as per the bride’s special request. It was something nobody expected to hear ar the wedding in Canada, and definitely not played live.

Dear Joanna and Alan, we couldn’t have asked for anything more from you. Thanks again for all your help in making this a special and memorable day for us.”

Photo by Corina V. Photography

Anastasiya and Kees

(this part is written by Joanna)

This photo was taken during Anastasiya and Kees Wedding when Joanna and Alan were playing Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” and this couple and other people just started dancing to the Electric Harp, what a great photographer Corina V. Photography was to capture this moment and all the other great pics too:




“After hearing harpist Joanna play in Toronto at the Sunnybrook Estates bridal show, we decided we wanted her to play at our daughter’s wedding. It turned out to be a bonus for us that her husband, Alan, is a professional DJ.

As our daughter lives in Australia, it was up to my husband and I to plan the wedding. Joanna and Alan were very understanding about the long distance organizing of this event. During a surprise visit from our daughter 2 months before the wedding, Joanna and Alan were extremely accommodating in meeting with the three of us to help plan the day, not just the music, but the order of events and timing.

By the end of our meeting with Joanna and Alan, we were feeling very confident that the day was going to be wonderful.

On the day of the wedding, as expected, Joanna and Alan worked seamlessly together providing continuous music. Our son was MC for the evening and he and Alan worked very well together, making sure the timing of wedding party introductions, first dance, throwing of the bouquet and garter, last dance was spot on. As a finale, Alan played a combination of the Canadian and Australian National Anthems. It was a hit all round.

On a rating of 1-10, we give Joanna and Alan an 11.”

Janis and Brian (parents of the Bride)
Wedding of Ashleigh and David


“The first time we met was at a wedding show in Toronto. I fell in love with you & your magnificent electric harp right then and there. Let’s just say you really “rocked my world.” That was two years ago.

So this year, when Frank & I decided to have our wedding, the music choice for the ceremony was a no brainer. It had to be you Joanna. Thank you for being available on our day, 9 October 2011. Having you there really made the whole day heavenly & magical. That’s how I feel listening to you play! It was a pleasure meeting you & Alan and of course having you both at our reception as well.

For us, this was our 2nd wedding. We had our civil ceremony at the Princess Margaret Hospital on 10 February 2010 where my father-in-law was staying. Our siblings & our parents & my children were the only ones present. Hours after my father-in-law passed away.

He loved celebrations and we promised him we would have a party. So our “blessing” ceremony & reception were this year on 9.10.2011 and to honour him as well. Having you there, Joanna, made the day even more memorable. The fact that you were able to play “The Prayer” during the signing meant the world to me. Not only because it is one of my favourite pieces but also in memory of my father-in-law.
As well, I am so elated that I decided to have you play during dinner at our reception. Frank was totally surprised but also very pleased. Everyone totally enjoyed your performance and the young adults were blown away. Everyone was in awe as to how awesome it was hearing a harpist “rocking it out.” You captured everyone’s heart by being able to play a variety of music: from jazz to rock n’ roll, from classical to soft pop!

You only added to our small, simple yet elegant venue.

Thank you for completing our dream!”

Adrijana & Francesco



“Adding Joanna to my wedding day added the perfect touch. She played all types of music and I heard nothing but praise that evening. She plays wonderfully and would love to have her again. Would love to perform with her too! :)”

Cristina Paoletta, Bride and Performer

Please check out the video of Cristina and I playing together here




I need to tell everyone how fabulous Toronto Harpist, Joanna is…NOT only does she perform beautifully, she is a wonderful person to work with at any event! Joanna played at my wedding in 2011 and literally shocked and awed all our guests.

Everyone LOVED her use of the “electric” harp. She plays everything from classical music to top 40 to oasis to the doors. She cares about her clients and wants to make their event special.

The next event I throw will without a doubt have Joanna playing her amazing HARP”

Jennifer and Omar



“When my daughter & son-in-law decided to get married in an art gallery, we knew immediately, what an important role the music would play in their service and celebration. The event would be segmented…a formal civil ceremony, followed by a cocktail reception in a tent, during which the gallery was transformed to receive 100 guests for dinner with a dance party to follow….each segment required a different ambiance and we were looking for a seamless transition from our musical team.
Joanna Jordan & Alan Gollom (DJnLIVE) provided this and so much more! Joanna is a brilliantly talented harpist and Alan a truly professional DJ. Signing the contract was just the beginning…..they wanted and expected serious planning to ensure the success of our event. As we embarked upon this journey, they listened well and encouraged us to make any musical requests that we dreamt of…Joanna going above and beyond to learn and perfect new contemporary pieces, from different artists like Pearl Jam, Adele, Dave Mathews,Cold Play, Madeleine Peyroux / Leonard Cohen and Florence and the Machine.

Alan,(DJnLIVE) worked tirelessly to research and ensure that all of our requests were included in his playlists, including a few unusual requests and mixes.

On the actual day, they worked perfectly in tandem. Our dinner ran late, but one of the bonuses in hiring this team was that Joanna was able to stay and play for the duration of the dinner without us incurring any overtime charges. Dressed for the occasion, with a professional, flexible and enthusiastic attitude they exceeded our expectations…the harp music was magical and beautiful and the dancef-loor rocked until closing time…we couldn’t have asked for more….I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again…thank you Joanna & Alan”

Sue, Mother of the Bride (Sherryl & Derek)


“Joanna was the harpist at my wedding and she did an AMAZING job. I cannot say enough great things about her. People of all ages were up dancing and clapping before the dance even begun. I am still hearing great comments about Joanna from everyone who attended my wedding.

The manager at my venue even wanted to hire her after he heard her play. She was so reliable and the thing I loved most about her playing was my friends in their 20’s and my grandparents in their 80’s all loved her playing, she definitely caters to all age groups which you don’t find very often. I especially loved when she played Stairway to Heaven, everyone went crazy. We would like to thank Joanna for adding that “something special” to our wedding day, she has great talent and I am thankful she was a part of our special day.

I just wanted to thank both you and Alan ,(DJnLIVE) again for making our wedding day so special. You were absolutely AMAZING and people cannot stop talking about the “harpist”!! My friends loved the range of music you played and you really added that something special to the wedding. Alan (DJnLive) was also so great and was so easy to get along with! Mike and I will forever remember you both and would love to keep in contact. I will send you pictures as soon as we get them. , You both deserve 5 stars if not more! I want other brides to have the opportunity to use you both. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the rest of your busy summer.”

Kristin and Mike



“Joanna is so good. If she was in American Idol or America’s Got Talent, she would have definitely won!!!”

a guest at a Wedding




“Having Joanna Jordan play her harp at our wedding in Toronto was fantastic! The guests loved the atmosphere and couldn’t believe the range of songs she played; everything from classic to hiphop. There was something for everyone!

DJ Alan,(DJnLIVE) did a fantastic job put ting together the perfect play list that made it possible for all our guests, both young and old, to have fun and get up and dance! If someone requested a song that they did not have, they purchased it on iTunes, on the spot!

It was so convenient to have one company provide both  the live music and DJ. Overall, they were really flexible, organized, incredibly helpful and easy to work with.

We would definitely recommend Joanna and Alan to anyone!

Thanks so much!”

Rebecca and Chris Morton



“When Drew and I were planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to add the beauty of live music and the harp to our ceremony and reception. After meeting with Joanna for the first time, we knew we had met someone who understood us, who deeply listened to us and who honestly wanted to make our day as special as possible. And Joanna exceeded all our expectations. Her music during our ceremony was perfectly suited to the mood we wanted to create and added to the magic of the day. She made our guests feel welcome, took requests, got the crowd involved and afterwards, everyone commented how amazing, outstanding and friendly Joanna was; their memories of our day are intimately connected to memories of the fun they had with Joanna. We could not have asked for more, a superb musician, a wonderful entertainer, a caring person, an absolute delight.”

Jamie and Drew




“When David and I sat down and began planning our wedding day, we knew we wanted a luxurious, elegant affair. After choosing the Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto as our venue, it was only natural that we would choose a soundtrack to match – and we didn’t waste any time booking Joanna Jordan to play the harp for both our ceremony and our reception dinner!

We only wanted the best for our wedding, and Joanna definitely fit the bill – she went above and beyond what we expected, including learning a few of our favourite songs for the ceremony, and accompanying a vocalist during our ceremony. Joanna had me over to her home for an in-depth music selection, and was very easy to communicate with as our wedding approached. On the day of our wedding, I felt relaxed and excited – and knowing that the music was in Joanna’s competent hands made me breathe even easier.
The ceremony was like walking down the aisle in a dream, and the music was beyond perfect. During dinner, Joanna dazzled our guests with her beautiful renditions of modern and classic songs on the harp! I know that we could have booked a musician for a lesser price, but it definitely would not have been worth the worry!

If you are a bride and considering spending a little extra on top-of-the-line entertainment like Joanna, I definitely recommend her! It is worth paying a little extra for the peace of mind alone – not to mention the amazing music!

The reaction of our guests was more than I could have hoped for – everyone was commenting on the amazing harpist!

Thank you Joanna for helping to make our wedding day fairy-tale perfect!!”

Best wishes,
Jasmine & David



“We had the great pleasure of having Harpist Joanna Jordan and DJ Alan Gollom (DJnLIVE) for my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding reception.
Between Joanna’s Electric Harp and Alan’s selection of Dance Music (DJnLIVE) , we had a perfect atmosphere for the entire evening which included some special pieces for the bride and groom.
We received very positive feedback from the guests and I would recommend this team for any occasion.

They are truly professionals with a personal touch and who clearly show a love for music. ”
Arpi Mar, (Mother of the Groom – Wedding of Amanda and Darren Mar)




“Eric and I just wanted to personally thank you once again for a beautiful and stunning performance on Saturday night.
We wanted that WOW! factor and you definitely delivered it. We still have family and friends that are ranting and raving over how impressed they were with your playing.

Thank you for helping us make our night just that much more memorable.”

Marlene & Eric


 “Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding day even more memorable. Alan, (DJnLive) I know we threw a lot at you with special requests ranging from the elaborate timing of the first dance to coordinating the bride’s surprise serenade but you were more than equal to the challenges. I think we worried more about the timing of those cues than the rest of the wedding but you nailed them without rehearsal and helped deliver some of our most special moments of the day.
We also appreciate how you both accommodated all our song requests before the wedding and during the ceremony, whether it was Joanna’s heavenly harp or Alan spinning some eclectic tunes for our decidedly varied audience. If you didn’t have a song in your vast music collection, you got it for us so we were able to have the perfect soundtrack for our wedding. We cannot thank you enough Joanna for taking the initiative to research Russian music for Anna. That meant so much to her and her family. While some of our guests may not have spoken English, your beautiful renditions of Russian classics on your harp made them feel at home, especially when her father walked Anna down the aisle to your amazing accompaniment of her favourite music from Glinka. That you took the time to get the music for that piece and learn it for the harp meant so much to us.
And after all that professionalism, you’re both such great people to work with and we truly appreciate the friendship you showed to both Anna and me. In a field where most people are only concerned with billing for a block of their time, you show genuine enthusiasm for working with you clients to make their special events perfect. I know we couldn’t have been happier. Hiring you both was one of the best decisions we made when planning the perfect day.

We wish you continued success with DJnLive. You are a potent combo and so many of our guests complimented us on the blend of live and recorded music. The harp music set such a beautiful tone before and during dinner then came the seamless transition to the DJ when it was time to dance. You will always be our musical heroes and we recommend you highly to anyone looking for couple that delivers
above and beyond!”
Anna and Kevin McKee



“We are so happy that we hired you to play the harp for our Wedding. We love your personality and felt comfortable with you since the first time we met.

You surpassed our expectations of what we thought a harpist could do, from the ceremony where your Electric Harp filled the Church with a warm and beautiful sound, the romantic solo arrangement of “A Time For Us” for our first dance and then later on when you rocked out with “Stairway to Heaven” and “Sweet Child of Mine” to the delight of all our guests, many of whom stood on their chairs and cheered you on.

Thank you so much, you created a memory of our Wedding that we will never forget. It was a pleasure to work with you.”

Julie & Remo





“I am so pleased to write this testimonial for Joanna Jordan. If you wish to add a special component to your wedding, look no furt
her than Joanna Jordan. Joanna is a gifted harpist with a repertoire of musical scores that guarantees that your favourite songs will make your day magical.

When I first contacted her, I was looking for live music to play while the guests were arriving, and for the bride’s entrance. Once I met her, and realized how incredibly talented and versatile she is, I booked her to cover the ceremony, as well as the cocktail reception, and dinner. My initial thought for the cocktail reception and dinner was to book a pianist, but once you consider that a piano is basically an undercover harp, how cool is a harp! Anyone can have a piano, but the harp is mystical. If I had it to do again, I would have cancelled the DJ we hired from a separate company and booked Joanna for the entire event.

Joanna played at my daughter’s wedding, and the feedback from friends and family was abuzz about the harpist. She was the icing on the cake, that final touch of class that made our day perfect. At one point my husband jumped out of his seat yelling “I can`t believe she is playing the Doors”. My husband had left all thesedetails to me, and was surely thinking, okay, we are having a harpist, how sweet, whatever. I loved how pleasantly surprised he was.

Our venue was enchanting; The Estates at Sunnybrook; just add Joanna to your venue, and you will have your fairy tale wedding!

Joanna has my consent to forward my phone number should you wish to hear the excitement in my voice. I simply lucked into finding her, and believe me, she is amazing. Best friends who attended our wedding have already booked her for their daughter’s wedding this June (2010).”

Karen Grieve, (Mother of the Bride)
Nicole and Chris



“Joanna performed for our wedding in 2008. Her professionalism in consulting with us prior to the date was a great preview to the caliber of musician we were dealing with.

Joanna went above and beyond our expectations and dazzled our 200+ guests with her incredible interpretations of all genres of music. A very memorable day thanks to Joanna!”

Colleen MacCarther




“My husband and I really enjoyed the music on our wedding day. Our wedding was small and simple, but I would like to add my own character and style.

I made a good decision to have Joanna at my wedding, using Electric Harp to play both for our ceremony and the reception. The music was both elegant and modern.

To my surprise, Joanna can even play Chinese folk music. So I chose Jasmine, the folk song originated from my home province when I walked down the aisle. It’s so emotional and memorable as it meant a lot to me.

During reception, her performance together with guitarist was great and I heard many compliments from my guests. Joanna was so reliable and thoughtful, that I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a classic yet modern wedding.”

Dilia & Andrew


Mel and pab wedding 2 268

“I LOVED my wedding! The night was memorable, beautiful, and most of all….FUN! Although my wedding was small and simple, I wanted it to be elegant and I was successful in accomplishing this. Having Joanna play during the receiving line, cocktails and dinner really added to the ambiance I was trying to create!

Joanna’s electric harp helped put the room together – and the music was heavenly! She played a wide variety of songs from different genres (her music repertoire is huge so I knew she would please everyone) – including jazz songs – so it was also hip – matching our personalities.

During the evening, Joanna noticed the crowd was a lively bunch and asked if she can do her rendition of ‘Purple Haze’ by Jimmy Hendrix. I hesitated but agreed – and boy – am I happy I let her do it!

Joanna was FANTASTIC and made the entire crowd scream and cheer, and that moment really set the mood for the rest of the evening! Although it’s been almost 3 years, people still talk about my wedding and especially Joanna’s ‘Purple Haze’.

Joanna Jordan is a true professional and a musical talent! Thanks Joanna for helping make my night awesome!”

Melanie & Pablo




Here is a picture of the Celtic Harp which I quite often perform with for an outdoor Wedding Ceremon