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Joanna Harp for Toronto Blue Jays Rogers Centre

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“To entertain entertainers well is an art form that requires extraordinary intuition and the highest of musical standards. Toronto Harpist, Joanna Jordan has gained our confidence by demonstrating this rare combination repeatedly and superbly, in a variety of situations.”


Lynda Friendly, Senior VP, Marketing & Communications, CINEPLEX ODEAN CORPORATION


Brookfield Place Holitday Lights

Brookfield Place Holiday Lights

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“Others may be acceptable…but Joanna Jordan is exceptional!”
Charmaine Godden, Publicity and Special Events Coordinator, HOLT RENFREW


Joanna on stage with Dini Jeane Feb 26 2014 Yorkdales 50th avnniversary

Yorkdale 50th avnniversary



“The sound of the Electric Harp is phenomenal—and the album CLAZZIC brings together a wide variety of music giving it all a new face–Joanna’s approach to the Prokofiev C Major Prelude is exquisite”
Michael Lyons, Music Director/Program Host

“The first time we met was at a wedding show in Toronto. I fell in love with you & your magnificent electric harp right then and there. Let’s just say you really “rocked my world.” That was two years ago.


Having you there, Joanna, made the day even more memorable. The fact that you were able to play “The Prayer” during the signing meant the world to me. Not only because it is one of my favourite pieces but also in memory of my father-in-law. As well, I am so elated that I decided to have you play during dinner at our reception. Frank was totally surprised but also very pleased. Everyone totally enjoyed your performance and the young adults were blown away. Everyone was in awe as to how awesome it was hearing a harpist “rocking it out.” You captured everyone’s heart by being able to play a variety of music: from jazz to rock n’ roll, from classical to soft pop! You only added to our small, simple yet elegant venue.

Thank you for completing our dream!”

Adrijana & Francesco

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Prelude (music played prior to the start of the Wedding Ceremony)

Processional (music for the Bridal Party to walk down the aisle to)

Recessional (music for the Bridal Party to exit)

Signing the Register (Music to accompany the signing of the Marriage documents)

Unity Candle (or any other special spot that your would like a special song)

Wedding Ceremony Classical and Pop Music (all types of music that can be heard in different parts of a Wedding Ceremony)

Wedding Ceremony Classical only (music that can be heard in different parts of a Wedding Ceremony for venues that only allow Classical or sacred Music)

Wedding Reviews and Testimonials of Harpist Joanna Jordan
“Working with Joanna was truly the best decision we have made for our wedding and it will be true for anyone fortunate enough to have the honour to work with her as well. From the moment we met Joanna, we both silently knew that she was perfect – should we marry, she was THE perfect artist to perform a soundtrack for the most important moment of our lives and no other.

It was one of those moments when you just know when the time is right and all the stars have aligned… Because on the very next morning, he proposed with a ring and we became officially engaged.

Along the way for the next 9 months, Joanna became a very important friend to us. We could not have imagined our wedding without her – or her wise words and gentle compassion. She genuinely cares about the couples she works with and is so much more than the picturesque emotions she skillfully evokes with her exquisite music.

Words cannot describe how thankful and honoured we are that Joanna could be a part of our special day and she holds our highest recommendation when we say she was truly the best decision we have made together.”
Lots of love,

Audrey & Christopher


Toronto Joanna Jordan Audio Playlists

Joanna playing at Harbourfront Festival, Toronto

“Joanna Jordan completely changed my conception of the harp. I was quite surprised to hear how hip and rhythmic the harp could be, and how well Joanna Jordan performed all styles, including rock.”
Benjy Karch, CHUM FM