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Why does Joanna Jordan play the Electric Harp?

Why does Joanna Jordan play the Electric Harp?

electric harpWhy does Joanna Jordan play the Electric Harp?

Many people ask me, “Why did you choose the electric harp instead of the acoustic harp when you played in Carnegie Hall where the acoustics are perfect?”

My answer is that I feel that electric harp captures the beautiful sound of an acoustic harp, improving upon its middle and lower notes (sounds), creating a rich, clear and distinct sound with the higher sounds lovely & mellow. Also, when I used to play the acoustic harp in concerts where you could hear a pin drop, audience members would tell me that they could not hear the harp when I played softly. Since I enjoy playing the harp expressively, with all kinds of dynamics, the acoustic harp became inferior as I had to play it louder than I thought was pleasing in order to be heard, with the end result being a performance that was not as musical as I can be with the electric harp.


I am not the only person with this opinion,

“In the 17 years that I have been Stage Manager, Joanna Jordan’s concert was one of the best harp concerts I have ever seen here.”
Dennis O’Connell, CARNEGIE HALL

“The sound of the Electric harp is phenomenal—and the album CLAZZIC brings together a wide variety of music giving it all a new face–Joanna’s approach to the Prokofiev C Major Prelude is exquisite”
Michael Lyons,
Music Director/Program Host


Electric Harp


When I play either in a noisy environment, where people are talking in the background or when I play the harp with other musicians that have louder instruments like the flute, violin or the guitar, bass or drums, the need to amplify the harp is a must.

The electric harp amplified still sounds like a beautiful harp because it was created to work with sound equipment.My clients appreciate and notice the difference. That makes it a good thing for all of us.



Please have listen of some samples of the acoustic and electric  harps, with or without amplification scroll down the page to the audio player:

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